Traditional Confetti

With their origins in the now centuries-old tradition of confetti from Sulmona, there is still today a wide selection of classic types, traditionally associated with the oldest and best-loved family ceremonies.  These old favourites have been updated using a variety of different ‘souls’ (the almond, hazelnut, pistacchio or chocolate centres) and by the vast range of available colours.

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An explosion of centres, colours and coatings which bring the traditional recipe of Confetti from Sulmona in line with modern tastes. These are popular not only for the traditional family ceremonies but also for all types of parties and for everyday consumption.

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Tenerelli are a variety of confetti wherein the almond is covered by a layer of flavoured, white chocolate.  The many available flavours range from all the fruits to creamy coffee, cappuccino and gianduja.

In addition, many types of Pelino Tenerelli are made with a refined ‘double layer’ technique of which allows the consumer to enjoy two different types of chocolate; thus giving the product an unsurpassed appeal .

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The Pelino liqueurs are produced using high quality ingredients and the oldest traditional Abruzzo mountain recipes.

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Flowers and artistic confetti creations 

One of the traditions for which Sulmona and Pelino are world-famous are the floral confetti creations covered with fabric or paper. Flowers are the most popular, but there are many other designs.




Produced by Confetti Pelino for over 100 years, “Citrate” is lemon flavoured granules which are dissolved in water to produce a pleasant drink which aids digestion. This product is always popular, due to its easy solubility, purity and lightness.  The attractively large white granules are made with a special machine, invented by Pelino in the early 20th century, which was then patented both in Italy and abroad. Pelino Citrate can be used either as a table water or mixed with fruit juices and syrups.


Special decorations

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Our confetti, essential at every family ceremony, can be presented in a multitude of ways. We have bags, boxes, and even small ornaments that then become memories of a special day. To complete our range of confetti we have a wide range of favours for every occasion in our shop.

Below is a selection of the brands we carry: